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When I Met Amerie

OneLOVE and respect for AMERIE!!
YO... I live in Orlando, FL and I just wanted to show ma love for AMERIE by expressing how I got to meet her... I met Amerie on July 11th... I was going down to our arena so that I could try to win the tickets to the concert to see her and Usher!! Unfortunately, was stuck in traffic and missed the contest and didn't win any tickets...
But I got something major in return...
It was like I was looking at an angel... Yall Amerie is so beautiful.... I told her about the group I made for her ( AlwaysAmerie ) and Amerie said she knew about it but couldn`t log on to see it because of LOGIN complications... She was so cool, calm, collected and laid back!! Yall I was so amazed and stuck in AWE that I felt like studdering when I was talking to her.... I asked Amerie to sign ma SKOOL OF DA HARD KNOCK shirt... This is ma favorite shirt now, but I let her sign it... I felt so great and I wish to see her again... Thank you AMERIE... Maybe next time I`ll be luckie with those tickets huh??? LOL!!! Thank you for touring with my man USHER too... I know he`s so fine... LOL!!!!! Well hope to see you in concert, good luck with the album, and One Love like you told me in Orlando, FL.... I'm so happy!!!! YAY!!! Well i'mma keep Grindin to this song "Why Don't We Fall In Love" and it's my lil way of thanking Amerie for her music! Keep up the good work gurl!!!!! LOL!! Holla! One!