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A Poem For Amerie!!

Here we go.....

Amerie says "Why Don't We Fall In Love" while you're "Talkin' To Me" but sometimes you make me wanna say it's "Nothing Like Loving You...." I simply "Can't Let Go" of the love that we share, but I have to and I"Need You Tonight!" Baby you just don't understand that you "Got To Be There" for me, because tonite"I just Died" in your arms.... When I'm"Hatin On You" everynight your thoughts make me "Float" but you have to "Show Me" much love and I'll give you "All I Have"

Yall like that don't yall... LMAO!!!


Jus for Amerie!!! Thank me Later!!! LOL!!
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Special Thanx to Leonie for the LYRICS...